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WTC Asunci贸n successful events of 2018

Dec 18, 2018


This year WTC Asunci贸n held 6 editions of an event called "WTC Executive Breakfasts". Executives from WTC Asunci贸n and special guests, had the chance to hear from excellent and diverse international speakers while having a great opportunity for networking.

Another highly attended event was "The world comes to WTC Asunci贸n", where embassies and chambers of commerce of varios countries such as, Great Britain, Uruguay, Hungary, Japan and Chile, had each one special night where they showcased their culture, gastronomy as well as their achievements and companies in Paraguay.

The last edition of "The world comes to WTC Asunci贸n" of the year was held December 6, at the New York City auditorium, with Hungary as host. On this occasion art was very well represented by Hungarian painter Melitta Marcali, who became the 12th artist in 2018 to have an exposition in the lobbies of the 4 towers, as part of the WTC Asunci贸n Cultural Program.

This events are produced by Terare Paraguay and WTC Asunci贸n and sponsored by prestigious companies.