Workshop on Innovation & IPR

Jun 04, 2022

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) refers to patents, copyrights, industrial design rights, trademarks, geographical indications etc. Intellectual property rights (IPR) plays a vital role in our daily lives as it reinforces the prominence of its elements associated with every common product range. In today’s digitized world, there’s a higher probability of creative ideas getting stolen without the consent of the authorized owner. The need for strong IP Laws gives an overall contribution in the economy of the respective state and is critical to foster innovation failing which businesses and individuals would not reap the benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research & development.

In this regard, World Trade Center Bhubaneswar in association with NIIS Group of Institutions and Lex Protector LLP organized a ‘Workshop on Innovation & Intellectual Property Rights’ at the premises of NIIS Campus to provide an introduction to IP as well the various aspects of IPR.

Mr. Sagar Swarup Swain, Legal Associate, Lex Protector LLP in his presentation gave a comprehensive presentation on Intellectual Property Rights. He explained about the basic concept of Intellectual Property, types of Intellectual Property and its classification. While stating about the various types of copyrighted works, he touched upon the features of copyright deliberating on whom the right belongs to. He further explained about the Copyright Registration Procedure with the help of an insightful illustration. He deliberated on Copyright Infringement, remedy of Copyright Infringement and duration of Copyright Protection.

Ms. Swagateeka Lenka, Legal Associate, Lex Protector LLP described about Trademark, functions of Trademark, Trademark distinctive, types of Trademark, benefits of Trademark registration and Trademark renewal process. Further, she briefed out on Patents, types of patents, patentability of an invention, Novelty, Inventive step, utility/industrial applications, what’s not patentable and outlined the entire procedure to file a patent.

Earlier in the session, Dr. Subash Chandra Nayak, Founder-cum-Secretary, NIIS Group of Institutions inaugurated the session and delivered on the objectives and vision of the institution.

Dr. P.K Tripathy, Academic Advisor, NIIS Institution of Business Administration spoke about the relevance of Intellectual Property rights in modern era, accreditation and its implications.

Dr. D.K Pattnaik, Deputy Director, NIIS Group of Institutions proposed the vote of thanks.

The session also witnessed a highly interactive Q&A session which added much value to the program.