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Visiting construction site at WTC Ciudad del Este

Nov 26, 2018


The WTC Ciudad del Este construction site was visited on November 16th, it had Victor C├ílcena, WTC Ciudad del Este┬┤s CEO, as well as Scott Ferguson, WTCA┬┤s CEO among other members from all over Latin Am├ęrica, USA and China. The 25 minutes flight from Asunci├│n was followed by breakfast at the Hotel Casino Acaray┬┤s patio area with an exiting view of the triple border, Paraguay, Brasil and Argentina.

After breakfast they headed to the Iguaz├║ falls, one of the seven wonders of nature of the world. After several hours of touring the waterfalls through the rainforest, they had lunch in the nearby Belmond Hotel.The afternoon started with a visit to the Itaipu hydroelectric plant ,the biggest producer of energy in the planet, where the head of the engineering department gave the group a private tour, explaining all aspects of hydroelectric production.

The day concluded with the visit to the WTC Ciudad del Este construction site, where the group saw the 30,000 m2 in all its glory. The first tower will be ready by January 2020, as well as de 3,000 m2. BMW showroom, the biggest of the region.The master plan also includes a second tower, a hotel and a parking building.

This project is on a strategic point where commerce, industrial parks, clean energy and natural resources make the location perfect for trade, business and the second WTC building in Paraguay.