Trade Delegation to Thailand: 23rd – 27th May 2022

May 31, 2022

The first Outbound Trade Delegation from WTC Shamshabad has organized from 23rd May to 27th May 2022. The delegation of agripreneurs from the Telugu-speaking states to Thailand is facilitated by H.E. Mr. Nitirooge Phoneprasert, Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate - General, Chennai. The delegation from the WTC Shamshabad and Visakhapatnam is led by Mr. Vaman Rao, Chairman, WTC Shamshabad & Visakhapatnam with agriculture as a focus sector.  The Trade Delegation from WTC Shamshabad & Visakhapatnam is the first trade delegation to Thailand post-pandemic. 

The delegation has met Mr. Channi Khaochan, Deputy Secretary-General, Thailand Board of Investment. During the meeting, various areas of mutual interest have been discussed ranging from the promotion of trade between Telangana and Thailand in Agriculture, Food Processing, & IT as potential sectors.

A meeting was also held with Mr. Sake Nopthaisong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of South Asia, Middle East and Africa. During the discussion, the seven-plus decade of trade between the countries has been discussed and on reducing the trade barriers in both countries to improve the trade.

The delegation has met Ms. Prim Jitcharoongphrom, Deputy Secretary-General, The Thai Chamber of Commerce & Board of Trade of Thailand. Discussions have taken place on the transfer of technology for producing high-yield and high-density cropping of mangoes and coconuts.  

The delegation has met Mr. Nakorn Niruttinanon, Managing Director, Thai Union Manufacturing Co Ltd. Mr. Nakorn Niruttinanon has introduced their Indian business partners and also discussed the business opportunities that exist for the canned food in India and exploring the possibility of setting up a Joint Venture in India.  Also discussed on the Opportunities to process and market Indian Rice as ready-to-eat products.

On the sidelines of the THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2022 Bangkok the delegation has met Mr. Phusit Ratanakul, Director General of the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. Mr. Phusit Ratanakul has expressed interest in signing an MOU with the Government of Telangana and forming a Joint Working Committee with private sector participation to work on the actionable items of the MOU. He has also explained the opportunities in the Food Processing, IT, Innovation, Life Sciences and Skill development sectors.

The Delegation visited Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen Campus, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand to understand and study the research process for increasing the yield and quality of Rice. Durian fruit & Thai Basil /Tomatoes/ Mangoes. The delegation has also learned about the innovations in the mechanization of agriculture equipment to optimize the produce ensuring better returns for the farmers. The delegation has also discussed the possibility of collaborating with the Indian Universities for the exchange of scientific works and research on the agriculture side.

The delegation has visited KUBOTA Farm, Agri Hitech Farm, Chon Buri to understand and learn about the Product Innovation done for the mechanization of farming and also the research in the areas of water and soil conservation. During the meeting, it was also discussed the feasibility of setting up an experience center in Hyderabad, which will enable the local farmers in the region to learn and implement in their farms.