Tied up for operation WTC BDNC Exhibition center

Mar 17, 2021


(Binh Duong, March 08, 2021) Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC) has signed with the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and the COEX Exhibition Convention & Exhibition Center of Korea to operate the Binh Duong New City International Exhibition Center (WTC EXPO). Accordingly, COEX will coordinate with the World Trade Center Binh Duong New City (WTC BDNC) to directly manage and run this exhibition center.

WTC EXPO is one of the largest exhibition centers in Vietnam and operated up to international standard with an area of 22.000m2 in total (11,679m2 of indoor exhibition area and 7,935m2 of outdoor exhibition area) and ready to be launched at the end of this month. Binh Duong New City International Exhibition Center (WTC EXPO) is equipped with the most modern facilities suitable for all exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and cultural and entertainment events of regional status.

WTC EXPO is located in the middle of the Binh Duong industrial hub and the Southern Key Economic Zone, hoping to solve the lack of exhibition centers in Vietnam. It's a gateway for international trade promotion in key industrial sectors in Binh Duong and the region, where global investors and traders can access local supply chains while opening up new opportunities for cooperation, promoting the development of the MICE industry, especially industrial MICE.

WTC BDNC is one of the most active members of the World Trade Cent Association, connecting with an international network of 300 World Trade Centers in over 100 countries and more than one million membered companies in 5 continents. WTC BDNC services include international trade shows and exhibitions, business matching, World Trade Academy, an information center for all fields in commerce and trading.

In 2020 and the beginning of 2021, although the exhibition and conference industry (MICE industry) have been affected by the contemporary COVID-19 pandemic, WTC BDNC has still affirmed its position and its role toward Binh Duong and the area's socio-economic development strategy by adapting quickly and adjusting their activities' strategy – applying high technology to transform from offline to online, or combining both forms to increase efficiency and create an effect on many trade exchange programs. In this way, WTC BDNC has organized more than 20 large-scale and high-quality seminars and online conferences on different topics, attracting numerous participants to join and discuss with local and foreign partners.

Moreover, public events are also significantly noticed to bring new experiences with modern entertainment space to citizens. Drawing contest in "WTC Lifestyle 2020 – Phong cách sống xanh" series organized by WTC BDNC in collaboration with Binh Duong Provincial Youth Union brought a useful playground and created a reputation for themselves, attracting up to 2000 drawings inside and outside Binh Duong. WTC BDNC has a close partnership with 20 WTCs worldwide and continually expands member networks to raise business connection opportunities and update information, joining the training course to contribute to the area's general development. The cooperation between WTC BDNC and COEX in managing and operating the Binh Duong New City International Exhibition Center is significant in the process of restructuring in the direction of increasing the proportion of industry and services to go global, enhance competitiveness, create a strong attraction for the region through upcoming exhibitions and events with many diverse topics in various platforms.

Binh Duong and the smart city development strategy
Binh Duong province is part of the Southern key economic zone and 25km away from Ho Chi Minh City. It is a dynamic industrial hub that continuously achieved great successes. About 3200 world-wide enterprises and more than 800 Korean businesses are investing in this area. Binh Duong is also the only Vietnamese locality for the third time in a row was honored in the list of 21 cities and regions of typical smart city development strategies in the world pronounced by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), affirming that the smart city development direction has been correct and effective in line with the world.

Being an official member of ICF and to be named for 3 continuous years in the Smart21 list have a huge meaning in continuing breaking through and developing Binh Duong province's socio-economic: Affirming Binh Duong smart city development direction is effecetive and in line with global trend, raising Binh Duong position in an international arena, opening up the coopperation and experience exchange opportunities with more than 180 worldwide smart cities while strengthening investors and businesses’ trust, creating a breakthrough in FDI attraction, absorbing hi-quality human resources, institutes and schools around the world, being the foundation for the local trade-service, hi-tech industrial development in the future.

Project "Innovation Region" by Becamex IDC initiate was publicized by Binh Duong province on 9/2020, focusing on Binh Duong New City, Thu Dau Mot City, WTC BDNC together with Science & Technology Park is the center. These are expected to become two main pillars for the development of an innovative and creative ecosystem to propel Binh Duong into becoming the hub of creativity and innovation, a smart city that attracts high-value investors, contributing positively to the local area's socio-economic development.

Significantly, the complex area at WTC BDNC's central square, scheduled to start construction in 2021, includes Central Station, Shopping Mall, Multi-use Sports Center, and many other facilities. The complex is an iconic project in a new city's heart, forming a hub for international connection and trade in Southeast Asia. The multi-purpose complex, together with many other projects of the Innovation Region, are expected to represent a dynamic, creative, knowledge economy – digital economy-oriented Binh Duong that confidently step by step into the new stage of the industrial revolution 4.0.