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The Competitiveness Group in Internationalization

Dec 11, 2019

The World Trade Center Curitiba in partnership with World Trade Center Joinville launched on Tuesday, 26th November, The Competitiveness Group in Internationalization, in Santa Catarina. Gathering executives and businessman of the international area of biggest companies, the event featured a forum: "2020 and the challenges of Brazilian companies in their internationalization", was present Josias Cordeiro da Silva (CEO at WTC Curitiba and Joinville), Ana Carolina Carvalho (Director at CONTECH), Nayara D’Alma (Director at ACATE), Claudio Gando (CEO at Audaces), Marconi Bartholdi (Secretariat of International Affairs of the Santa Catarina State Government).
The Internationalization Group is a innovative initiative and will be compound by South of Brazil’s executives that manage nationals and multinationals companies of a diverse and representatives sectors of Brazilian economy.

The meetings will happen bimonthly and will enable to share experiences, associates internal cases, risks, international problems, most pertinent legislation changes, improvement opportunities and other relevant topics.

According to internal guidelines, the participation is exclusive for executives, is not allowed any association of service providers or direct competitors. This initiative allow the group deeper discussions about pre-established thematic.

Beyond the the Internationalization Group, The WTC Curitiba and Joinville count with other thematic groups, such as Tax and Bureaucracy, M&A and Funding, Labor and Outsourcing and Governance and New Economy.