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The Business Club at World Trade Center Lyon

Jul 23, 2015


LYON, FRANCE - Since the beginning of the year 2015, the Chamber of Commerce of Lyon and the World Trade Center Lyon have been working together to organize and pilot of “Exports and Thematic Clubs”.

Today, we register about 140 companies which belong to one or several Clubs. The purpose is to strengthen and to share the International Trade competences.

The Export Clubs are spread out by Geographic Areas: China, Maghreb, Russia and East European countries.Moreover, make business across borders leads to have strong knowledge in law and customs fields. For that matter, both Thematic Clubs are created to ease the export:

  • JEVI (Jurists)

During the year, our members are invited to attend four to five meetings per Club.
The purpose is to collect and/or to share business information and economic news, international experiences in Logistic, Bank, Insurance sectors…

Moreover, the Experts of the Chamber of Commerce can choose specific topics for these dates, such as: “How to deal in China? Which cultural behavior to launch a new product, to sign a contract…?”

Also, the World Trade Center Lyon organizes some evening events to gather all the companies’ members. We are glad to welcome Leaders or Directors as speakers, who can present their activities, the markets targeted, how to deal the payment terms… these speeches are followed by luxury cocktails to let people meet and have business talks together.

Finally, the World Trade Center Lyon can help its Club Members when they travel: thanks to the WTCA Membership Card, you can enjoy the experience of working in many World Trade Center around the World. In addition, we can also get in touch with our WTC colleagues to facilitate your business abroad.

Join now! We are ready to help!

To learn more about WTC Lyon, click on the source link below: