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Mar 31, 2021

Poland has entered to a third lockdown with the explosion of the third wave of the Corona virus. Many businesses are closed and many face to face meetings are almost impossible. The present lockdown is until April 9th but maybe extended to the end of April. 

Opportunity in the Rice and grains Sector.

The owner of the biggest distributor in Poland of rice, couscous and large assortments of grain products, Mr. Jan Ciupak have met Jacques Tourel Chairman of WTC Warsaw and discussed possible entry to other retail markets in EU. This family owned business are ready now for alliance with a strategic partner or even to sell the entire company and remain managing partners.  Delegation of WTC Warsaw is invited to visit the production plant next month.
If any WTC can find interest in such opportunity, any offer is welcomed.

Polish company leader in payment processing system in the energy sector

Energy giant companies, supplying energy power to the retail market are transforming to smart-meters which eliminates to need to send inspector to check the meters at he consumers, but made the energy usage-reading available on-line. A high-tech polish company NMG became the leader in this service sector with unique technology to process data and preparing for payments billing for consumers.  In short time they connected the new innovative system to more then 10 Million homes working for the biggest european energy companies. The owner of this company Michal Burzykowski met with Jacques Tourel to discuss expansion of the company to new markets . Any WTC who can see such opportunity in your market, please feel free to contact us. exclusive territories are still available.

New Competition - Best E commerce shop.

A new competition was announced with the Polish Chamber of commerce. Invited are vendors that have opened their on-line shop in 2020 and acting for minimum 12 months. The competitions open in all categories, and entry is until 14/5/2021 Registration and information in    -

Polish Uzbekistan Business Forum
The online event will be held on April 13 with participation of both ambassador and in cooperation the chamber polish - uzbekistan, Polish Asia, and Agency for investment and trade PAIH.
The forum with cover among others also sectors like agriculture, construction, power stations, transformation to green energy, pharmaceutical. and medical products.There will be also B2B session.

Virtual trade mission, Poland-Egypt.
Registration started for the event that will take place on May 26. Companies that wish to have B2B meetings with specific companies from both sides will pay participation fee of 980 PLN to guarantee 3-5 meetings with the requested companies.

Polish Belarus virtual trade mission.
The online event will take place on April 30th. the Event will be mostly in Russian language. Interested companies will pay 1050 PLN for organising 3-5 B2B meetings with companies they have requested.

WTC Warsaw Easter Charity event

WTC Warsaw participated in Charity event for orphanage homes in Poland, organised by an ACCENTURE strategy manager Marielle Tourel who also is operating a popular channel for mothers on Instagram "Rozwojowa mama" (developing mother) with achieved over 50,000 followers in few months. The respond for the charity event was overwhelming and donations of toys and other products have filed up 3 big tracks. WTC Warsaw president dr. Jolanta toured participated 9n the moving event, together with the organisers Marielle and Peter Kusmierkewicz. They were welcomed by more then 100 orphans and the regional Governor, members of the parliament and the orphanage staff. 

Webinar Sri Lanka -Poland
On March 18th W dniu 18 marca, teh Polish embassy in India and Seri-lanka has organized together with  te Cyloan CHamber of commerce in Colombo a webinar for Seri lankan companies about doing business with Poland. More then 59 companies have participated. Main sectors discussed are smart cities, green tech,fintech, and agri-tech.

 Poland partner country in the hotel show in WTC Dubai.
The event is planned to take place May31- June 2nd.
expected participation of hotels owners and operators,, Interior designers, architects, restaurants, F&B, furniture and decoration companies and other related companies and services. The polish pavilion will include a special area where companies can have free promotion and display.

Polish Turkey virtual trade mission 

Will take place on April 27
The event will be with the participation of both sides ambassadors but will focus on the sector of cars and tracks.