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MOX partners with VERBIND

Dec 01, 2017


The team of MOX (Mobile only Accelerator) accelerator visited India to explore the potential of the Indian market in terms of MOX startups. As a standing MoU partner VERBIND the services arm of WTC Noida had organized business meetings for the representatives in India. The business meeting was held in WTC Noida premises on 17th November 2017.
In order to escalate the level of cooperation between both the organizations it was deliberated to initiate a MoX cluster in WTC Noida zone and WTC Noida, VERBIND and MOX Accelerator playing a lead role in making the zone a hub for mobile eco system, thereafter catering from hardware to software including app development and supply chain development.
Mobile Open Exchange Cluster (MOX) is a focused mobile ecosystem that builds on 3 pillars, i.e. infrastructure, hardware, and software, and addresses the challenges faced by technology companies through access to skilled human resources and enabling synergies. Commenting on the potential of MOX Ms. Khair Ull Nissa, the Executive Director of WTC Noida Said that “the MOX is a ground breaking initiative and will make the zone a national hub for mobile manufacturing and app development”.
WTC Noida and VERBIND partnering through world leaders is committed towards the transformation of the region.