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Metal Edge Offers Cutting Edge Products, Literally

Feb 23, 2018


A lot can happen when you put metal on the edge of cardboard.

“Imagine all important documents that sat in stacks in church basements and institutions and were ruined because they weren’t stored properly,” says Paul Markert, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Metal Edge International, Inc.

In 1896, a German technician placed metal edges along the four corners of a cardboard box and invented a box assembly method used worldwide from the National Archives to museums and institutions around the globe. The metal edges re-enforce each box corner, which adds strength and long-lasting protection for the important documents within. 

And have you ever noticed the metal blade on a box of aluminum foil or plastic wrap used to dispense the roll material? Metal Edge International supplies that metal too.
“We are the market leader in offering a number of dispensing blade choices for the global Aluminum foil and Cling Film market. Our primary focus is commercial / catering size rolls where performance, quality, safety and utility are required, says Markert.“

Metal Edge International, Inc. manufactures boxes, dispensing blades, corner metal (Fastay is their brand) and assembly equipment, enabling customers to manufacture their own packaging in-house. They also affix blades onto unassembled cartons. Metal Edge dispensing blades are available in a variety of choices for multiple applications and uses. 

A family owned and operated company, Metal Edger International was founded in 1978, In North Wales, Pennsylvania, Today, the company’s global reach extends to clients in 6 continents and 33 countries and employs 14 total staff. 

“We are an industry leader serving local, national and multi-national companies,” says Markert as he points to a map on the wall of his office. Our strength is in our people, product innovation, understanding our market niche and providing dispensing solutions to each individual client.

Paul Markert holding a sample of a metal edge storage box “Ninety-nine percent of our products are produced in our facility in North Wales, PA,” says Markert. The company also has a warehouse in Chicago, Illinois and a facility in Shanghai, China.
During a tour of the North Wales factory warehouse, Markert explains Metal Edge’s winning customer service. “By working directly with designers, product and brand managers, our team can offer innovative, customized packaging solutions.”

As a member of the WTCGP CEOs China Operations Club, Paul Markert relies on the WTCGP for up-to-the-minute information on global markets. “I like to stay in the know and being a member of the WTCGP China Club helps me keep up with what’s happening,” he adds. “Yes, the WTCGP has helped grow our global business.”

The WTCGP also appreciates Paul Markert’s advice as a contributor of the WTCGP Advisory Council. His vast manufacturing and global sales experience gives the WTCGP valuable input on how to better serve our members and clients. 

Thank you Metal Edge International, Inc. for your support of the WTCGP. For more information on Metal Edge visit