Meeting Council General from Royal Thai Consulate

Apr 30, 2022

Mango is the king of the fruits, and the Government of India has an ambitious plan to export agricultural products. Mango traders anticipate a successful year after two years of poor exports, with some predicting that this year's export amount will exceed even the usual 50,000-ton shipment. Exports are projected to gain traction because of a good crop in several parts of the country and demand from outside markets. There is a huge potential for the export market, and the US has recently approved the import of mangoes from India.

To seize this opportunity, a  delegation from Kapil Group led by Shri Vaman Rao has met the Nitirooge Phoneprasert, Council – General from Royal Thai Consulate and discussed how to improve the yield for the mango farmers along with the other fruits using high-density cropping techniques, on implementation of new techniques for harvesting mangoes to minimize the damage, on leveraging the Drones As a Service for insect and pest control, producing mangoes year-round, logistics support   & on improving the post-harvest mechanism to improve the earnings of the farmers.

In the meeting, it is also discussed how to address the challenge faced by the paddy farmers in selling para boiled rice through value addition by millers by rice fortification with micronutrients which will help in addressing the burning issue of malnutrition, and increasing the earnings of the farmers

A delegation consisting of officials from WTC Shamshabad & Visakhapatnam,  farmers and FPOs will be going to Thailand to explore the business potential and technology transfer for rice fortification, extraction, high-density farming and production of rice-based snacks, which are gluten-free.