KPI Partnership with WTC Orlando

Apr 01, 2014

ORLANDO, FL, U.S.A. - As emphasized by Key Person of Influence, “Being good at what you do is no longer enough in the new economy.” Becoming one of the most highly valued people in your industry requires preparation and design. Key Person of Influence aids small business owners, consultants, and others alike with these foundational aspects. 

KPI has a five step system in which each step is a potent information session with a highly renowned individual in the business world. Their newest addition to the KPI team is Ron Mathis, the COO of World Trade Center Orlando, who will be the new speaker for their fifth step “partnerships”. Ron Mathis says he is “overwhelmingly delighted with the opportunity to work alongside Topher Morrison and the Key Person of Influence team.” He is looking forward to the connections with ambitious entrepreneurs around the world and “the ability to spread prosperity through a wealth of partnership knowledge.”

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