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Joint Marketing Program Announced

Nov 04, 2020

Ameri-Business Partner Search Program (APS)™ assists international companies identify U.S. business partners and establish domestic business relations

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – November 4, 2020- The World Trade Center Greater Philadelphia and USA Strategic Ventures LLC jointly announced today the Ameri-Business Partner Search Program (APS)™ to assist international companies identify business partners and create partnership with companies in the Philadelphia region and the United States.

“By combining forces with USA Strategic Ventures, the World Trade Center Greater Philadelphia (WTCGP) is expanding its professional services to more readily assist international companies achieve their global business expansion objectives in the USA,” stated Linda Conlin, President of the World Trade Center Greater Philadelphia. “We provide a variety of marketing and business advisory services to international companies interested in establishing a presence in the USA and to domestic companies desiring global expansion.”

”International companies have become very aggressive in pursuing a global presence by taking advantage of the rebounding U.S. economy. To achieve their business expansion objectives and secure their future they must cultivate new foreign markets. The USA represents one of the best opportunities for success,” stated Alfred N. Basilicato, Managing Director and Founder of USA Strategic Ventures. “Formalizing our relationship with the WTCGP enhances our ability to develop market entry strategies and relationships with prospective business partners for our mutual clients throughout the world.”

The Ameri-Business Partner Search Program™ was developed by USA Strategic Ventures based on 25 plus years of successful international trade experience including strategic industry research, developing market entry strategies, and establishing distribution channels resulting in repeatable incremental revenue. The APS™ approach provides a cost-effective unique process to identify, contact, and work with viable American business partners to penetrate the U.S. market. At every step of the journey, professional teams from both organizations will present actionable data and guidance to develop successful business relationships.

USA Strategic Ventures is an award-winning experienced group of executive entrepreneurs with more than fifty years of combined diversified experience in sales and marketing, operations, manufacturing and finance. The firm assists clients develop and drive new revenue sources through international and domestic business development and by establishing strategic partnerships around the world. Learn more by contacting us at +1 215-717-9663 or by email at

The World Trade Center Greater Philadelphia (WTCGP) is a private-sector, non-profit organization that assists companies in the global marketplace. Their stellar global reputation provides members with legitimacy as they conduct business in new and existing international market. They work with importers, exporters, products and services. In addition to helping local companies overseas, they also help foreign companies to build their presence in the United States. To learn more please contact us at +1 215-586-4243 or