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Itaipu and WTC Ciudad del Este on sustainability

Apr 25, 2019


 WTC Ciudad del Este participated on the ITS Summit, at the 2019 WTCA General Assembly on QuerĂ©taro, presenting ItaipĂș Binacional speakers Luis MorĂ­nigo Veiluva and Silvia Saldivar Bellasai.

The keynote, titled: "ItaipĂș generating growth and regional development through sustainable policies"started with a presentation given by Oliva Ibåñez, from WTC Ciudad del Este. It was important to make the audience understand that ItaipĂș is located in the area of influence of WTC Ciudad del Este. Also, that the development of this of this region of Paraguay, chosen for the construction of the second WTC of the country, very rich in natural resources as well as one of the most productive and prosper, was actually created and thrived because of the construction of the dam. 

The WTC Ciudad del Este Proyect, now in construction stage, was also presented to the audience.

Luis Morinigo, economist and master on electric sector, talked about how important is that all of the process involving Itaipu, including all kinds of acquisitions are sustainable and the methods used to achieve this, as well as the different programs that Itaipu enforces in Paraguay, Brasil and internationally. He also mentioned that ItaipĂș is the biggest hydroelectric on installed capacity, and that it keeps breaking and surpassing its own world record of electricity production.

Silvia SaldivarÂŽs main goal was to explain all the objectives of Itaipu, through the Global Compact. Itaipu joined this global movement and since 2015 has been identifying actions that contribute to the SDGs. The Global Compact has objectives, among which we can find: Keeping the water clean, reducing inequity, decent work environment and economic growth, alliances to accomplish objectives, among others. 

 Another very important part of the keynote was to communicate that Itaipu takes active care of protected areas to maintain habitat for endemic species, biological corridors, and various programs to keep this important part of the ecosystem safe. Saldivar is a biologist with a specialization on scientific investigation, and also worked with the Smithsonian-Mason Conservation School. 

WTC Ciudad del Este and Itaipu would like to give very special thanks to the host WTC QuerĂ©taro as well as the WTCA for the opportunity to show the global community the amazing example of hard work, vision, technology and binational cooperation that is ItaipĂș, and the key role it has on the economic development of the region.