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Introducing WTCA Member Advisory Councils!

Nov 13, 2017


NEW YORK, NY, USA - Want Direct Input into WTCA Affairs? 

Sign up to be a part of our new Member Advisory Councils!

What is their purpose? 

The councils will provide an additional forum to connect with others who have similar interests, and create deeper bonds among Members. It also provides participants with a direct, formalized line of communications to management and the Board to inform new programs, provide counsel on new initiatives, recommend new programs, and memorialize best practices. This will not only help those who volunteer, but will go a long way to making sure that what we do as an Association provides value to others who may not serve on a council.

What areas will they cover?

We foresee more councils as the program grows, but to begin we will launch along our three major Member segments:

a. Real Estate—Issues and topics related with real estate development, investment, and management, and how the WTCA can better serve Members with real estate as part of their business model;

b. Trade Promotion Services—Issues and topics related to providing trade services and helping to nurture economic development locally, as well as using the network to that end. Also, how the WTCA can better serve Members with this as part of their business model;

c. Conferences & Exhibitions—Issues and topics related to the development and management of these specialized kinds of facilities and services, and how the WTCA can better serve Members with this as part of their business model. 

How will each council meet? 

Space will be provided at our events for these groups to meet on a forward, ongoing basis, but we do not expect that will be the only times they meet. Each council will, in fact, have their own Chairperson who will work with the group to decide how best to meet (including by phone) and operate. Remember—we really want these to be Member-driven.

Will the councils be structured by region or globally? 

Right now, we are going global based around the three initial topic areas. However, as we envision these to be Member-driven, a group can certainly decide to have smaller, regional meetings (if the number of participants makes sense), and convene less frequently with Members from the entire network to have a larger discussion. Again, these groups will have their own Chairpersons and will come to an agreement on how best to operate.

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