Oct 19, 2021

Dear Fellow WTCA Latin America Members:

We are pleased to announce that Melissa Martinez and Alejandro Ginevra have been elected to a two-year term on the Latin America Regional Advisory Council (LARAC). Ms. Martinez is Executive Director of WTC Santo Domingo, and Mr. Ginevra is President-CEO of WTC Buenos Aires.

They will join Ms. Subdelia Sevilla (WTC Valencia) and Mr. Jorge Acevedo Alarid (WTC Guanajuato/WTC Nuevo Laredo) as Member Representatives of the LARAC, along with the two appointed WTCA Directors from Latin America (Luciano Menezes and Remy Swaab).

We would like to thank Jerry Delgado (WTC Santa Cruz de la Sierra) for his time and willingness to be a candidate for the ERAC election. All three candidates received strong support from our Members across Latin America.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Ignacio Del (WTC Montevideo), who stepped down from the LARAC last month after his election to the WTCA Board, and to Mr. Diego Pettinazzi, who left the LARAC after retiring from his position with WTC Sao Paulo.

Finally, we would like to congratulate the 14 Latin America Members who voted in this LARAC election. Each of you who took the time to cast your on-line ballot deserves our thanks for your commitment to the WTC network in Latin America.


Remy Swaab

Chair, Latin America Regional Advisory Council