International Safety Awards 2021 for WTC Pune

May 27, 2021

The World Trade Centre Pune has recently been awarded the prestigious International Safety Awards 2021, organized by British Safety Council. These awards recognise, reward and acknowledge organizational commitment to setting, following and rigorously implementing exemplary health, safety and wellbeing management.

The International Safety Awards are health and safety's most prestigious awards that recognize and reward organizations and managements who display true commitment towards excellent health and safety environment at workplaces owned and managed by them.

The conferment of this prestigious honour and external recognition reinforces WTC Pune as one of India's best office spaces. Laurels and recognition at this level undoubtedly motivates the team to stay committed to its philosophy and focus the overall health, safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders.

While deciding on awardees, the British Safety Council does a deep-dive into issues and evaluates organizations on a multitude of factors like:

• The most significant issues at the site in relation to occupational health hazards, occupational safety hazards and wellbeing concerns, and how control measures are implemented and monitored for effectiveness in this area.

• The internal and external factors which senior site management consider during the review of site health and safety performance
• How non-managerial staff participate in determining suitable control measures intended to manage hazards and risk identified through the risk assessment process.
• How outcomes of internal health and safety audits are communicated to relevant stake holders
• The process for managing operational change which may impact on health and safety?
• How persons with specific responsibilities during an emergency event are provided with suitable training to effectively implement their roles.
• The health and safety related factors considered when approving contractors/ suppliers or outsourced functions.
• How the organisation consults with relevant stakeholders at the site level regarding work/ workplace issues which could affect their wellbeing?

• How senior management develop and promote a positive culture within the organisation that supports the health and safety management system and arrangements

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