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International Business Exchange: Portuguese Market

Jul 28, 2017


WTC São Paulo Business Club and Banco Santander were in Recife (July 25) for another International Business Exchange, a series of events that aims to promote foreign exports and investments for Brazilian companies through targeted content and discussions. The event occurred at Gabinete Português de Leitura de Pernambuco (Portuguese Reading Cabinet of Pernambuco).

This time the focus was the Portuguese market, which is a facilitator for Brazilian investments since we can consider the linguistic union, as well as a gateway to the European and African markets. The content panel was presented by Mr. Antonio Mario, Deputy Chairman of the Brazil Portugal Chamber of Pernambuco, Dr. Marcelo Salomão, Partner of Brazil Salomão and Matthes Advogados, Mr. Luis Vivas, Team Leader of Specialized Sales of the Bank Santander and Dr. Antônio Campos, Lawyer and Specialist in Creative Economy at Noronha Advogados.

The relationship between Brazil and Portugal, in addition to being historical, has grown exponentially in recent years both in the emigration of Brazilians to Lusitanian lands and in the opening of business through FDI. A great example is the WTC São Paulo itself, which recently acquired the WTC Lisbon flag and will soon be operating in the country.

Two points as the highlights: Portugal 2020 and Golden Visa; the former being an aggressive Portuguese attraction program and the latter a form of immigration also via investment.

The event counted on approximately 60 executives companies from different sectors like drinks, food, construction, Real Estate, logistics, pulp and paper and dental.