Health Care Collagen Product (CellerateRx)

Dec 19, 2013

Our World Trade Center is proud to provide a collagen health care product unparalleled by other healing products in the medical market. Collagen in CellerateRx becomes instantly activated upon application to soothe pain and heal diabetic, acute, and chronic wounds effectively and in less time. Available in both powder and gel form, this product is ideal for a variety of wounds and burns, and is naturally biodegradable. This provides added comfort as new applications and dressings are not necessary throughout the healing process as recommended with other collagen products.

CellerateRx surpasses in wound treatment for a number of reasons. Regularly replacing wound dressings becomes no longer an issue, and still this product has been found to close wounds by five weeks when compared to regular treatments allowing similar wounds to only mostly close after twelve weeks. Its biocompatibility allows for treatment on infected cuts with physician care, and has been proven to significantly reduce the inflammation of tissue, an important factor in accelerating skin restoration.

The science behind CellerateRx proves its success. The hydrolyzed, or activated Type I bovine collagen used in the production of CellerateRx is comparable to the collagen produced by humans because of the similarity in sequencing of key amino acids, particularly hydroxyproline and proline. This enables increased rates of skin reconstruction and success in the healing process.