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GoGlobal: strong ideas for New Time at WTC Moscow

Nov 12, 2020


Within the framework of the Forum “Strong Ideas for a New Time”, held at the World Trade Center Moscow in a hybrid format, the discussion «Go Global: Strong Export Ideas» took place.

The discussion was attended by Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia Vladimir Padalko, coordinator of Delovaya Rossiya for the North-Western Federal district, business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya in Monaco Dmitry Panov, General director of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIFR) Pavel Chinsky. The moderators were Vice-President, Head of the Executive Committee, All-Russia Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya Nonna Kagramanyan and ACI Head of the International Relations Office Anton Moskalenkov. 

In his statement, Vladimir Padalko, Vice-president of the CCI of Russia, noted: “When we talk about prospects, we have to admit that our companies have acquired enough experience and gained enough competition to feel pretty good now and to reclaim even new niches in traditional directions for someone, but not for us. “Strong Ideas for a New Time” is relevant event. Post-pandemic roughness will pass. We will face a question what we are going to do tomorrow. We are just going to collect such ideas. Now all the experts are saying that there’s going to be a world change, some niches being released. With the help of our capabilities, which are available to the government, public associations and companies with government participation abroad, we will promote these ideas further”.

Vladimir Padalko stressed that “now the course will definitely go to the Asian markets of Africa and part of Latin America. It will be difficult for us to work in Europe and North America, so we will advise and help our exporters to develop [markets] where we are expected and where we can actually earn money”.

He also added that “the timeliness of the reform, which is accepted in Russia, first of all it concerns the project «International cooperation and export», the change of appearance of Trade representations, the appearance and strengthening of the positions of the Russian Export Center, a completely new look at the work of public associations abroad - all this is a very timely measure”.

According to the Vice-president of the CCI of Russia Vladimir Padalko, first of all, there will be enterprises that will know precisely that their products will be in demand in the nearby markets: “Two main directions will be relevant today: the first - domestic, aimed at near-abroad, at the Eurasian Economic Union and at the CIS market. There are consumers of our products and a lot of free niches. Machine building products for agricultural production, electronics, metal-plastic pipes and various services will be demanded. The second direction is external.”

The head of CCI France Russia added that investments were people, not contracts. Without direct communication, the probability that the first meeting will evolve into a long-term cooperation is minimal. <... > In order for a Russian exporter to enter a new trading platform, it is necessary to use the connections and accumulated experience of another foreign partner. This positive experience has been gained in the industrial granule exports to Japan, thanks to a contract between a Russian granule company and a French company successfully working with Japan in this direction. <…> According to the results of the Russian Investment Forum «Sochi-2019», in which several dozens of countries participated, we were approached by a whole pool of Russian large companies working in the field of chemical and metallurgical industry, asking for help to enter the African market.” 

the experts also discussed financial and non-financial support measures for the promotion of projects and ideas to foreign markets; how the infrastructure for supporting Russian business abroad is changing in today’s realities; what trends can be discerned in the promotion of Russian goods and services on foreign markets, taking into account the pandemic; how are the support of the State and business associations of Russian exporters abroad is interconnected today and many other current topics. 

The Agency of Strategic Initiatives implements the Go Global initiative aimed at international promotion of the best Russian projects, practices and initiatives, together with partners since 2020. 

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Roscongress Foundation are co-organizers of the Forum "Strong Ideas for the New Time". 

The Forum is attended by leaders and experts in the economics, technological and social development, NPO, education and the urban environment, representatives of public authorities and large businesses, bloggers and opinion leaders, leaders of Russian regions, chief executive officers of State-owned companies and members of the ASI Supervisory Board.

Vice-president of the CCI of Russia Vladimir Padalko believes that the project “One Window”, on which everyone is working and, especially, the Russian Export Centre, will greatly facilitate the work of exporters and those who are going to promote their products on the foreign market. Also an important initiative is the emergence of a large Export Support Coordinating Council, established by Russian Export Center and business associations.

According to Vladimir Padalko, “there are many ideas and their main goal is to be realized. All those who invent them, they support Russia. And we should try to assess them all correctly and implement in life”.

Answering Nonna Kagramanyan’s question about export promotion of the best Russian projects, practices and ideas, the support that business associations can provide in this regard, and from which countries it is better to start exporting to foreign markets, Vice-president of the CCI of Russia Vladimir Padalko said that now exports to European countries are declining, and unfortunately, this will continue to be the case: “For example, with our partner, Germany, for the second year in a row we have a 19% decline in foreign trade. And our other European partners are saying that they will stay away from us. Of course, Europeans should not be forgotten, because this is 41% of our total turnover, so it is desirable to hold on to our current positions. But Europe and North America are going to be hard for us right now. But we have to break through. We have to look to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines. I would choose nine countries in Africa that have niches for our products and who are solvent. And also four Latin American countries led by Brazil and Argentina”.

General director of the CCI France Russia Pavel Chinsky noted: “WTC Moscow is a place that cannot but bring some association if we are talking about export. I think most of us here remember, if not the late '80s, the early '90s, as foreign exporters exhibited in these walls. And as the Muscovites people and the guests of the capital came to these exhibitions, literally in these walls they were fed, watered, booted and clothed. So, coming up with some new schemes, allocating budget money for creating agencies, councils, commissions, departments is great. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to come with exhibitions, as many of our partners and colleagues from western and Asian countries have done”.

According to Pavel Chinsky, Russian export companies need to show the goods face: “Personal communication is the most important factor of trade transactions and investments! Of course, in the current health situation, this can be done online. For example, the CCI France Russia held an online forum on APC a month ago, connecting 40 Russian exporters with 38 potential Moroccan buyers. We hope to learn about practical results in the near future.” He also added that it is possible to enter new markets together with a foreign partner, taking advantage of its geography.

On-line participants of the event have presented their ideas: founder and owner of LLC “Russian Linen”, author of the idea “Revival of the Russian linen industry” Konstantin Klyuka, Senior Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation for Innovations Kirill Kay, General Director of LLC “Virtual Production Systems”; author of the idea ”Virtual Factory” Oleg Ponomarev and Maxim Cherishnev Chairman of the Board of the Foreign Trade Development Council; author of the idea “National Operator Ecommerce” Maxim Cherishnev.

At the end of the meeting, Vladimir Padalko, Vice-president of the CCI of Russia, advised beginners to export to become members of some business associations, as «it is a family, and the family will not give anyone in offence».