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Friesland; Top 3 Lonely Planet

May 24, 2018


Friesland; an essential destination in Europe this year by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s travel experts have explored every part of Europe in search of the continent’s hotspots for 2018, and guess what! Friesland was selected as Number 3!

Most people visiting the Netherlands make a beeline for Amsterdam, but this year the province of Friesland is stepping into the limelight. It joins its capital Leeuwarden, a small city with a thriving cafe culture, eclectic shopping and canals lined with historic houses, as European Capital of Culture in 2018. It hosted also the 49th WTCA General Assembly this year. So hopefully, many of you whom visited the GA can agree on the decision of Lonely Planet ranking Friesland as third.

The city is going all out with a program of installations, festivals and events, including a major exhibition in the Fries Museum inspired by one of Leeuwarden’s best-known former residents: artist M.C. Escher.

Beyond the city, fertile fields criss-crossed by dykes frame a new art route – Sense of Place – that will celebrate the region’s beguiling landscape, a highlight of which is the peaceful quartet of islands in the Unesco World Heritage-listed Wadden Sea, the perfect spot to escape amid sand dunes, long beaches and tidal flats.