DuraComm Announces Plans for its Barcelona Business

Jan 13, 2014

For Immediate Release

January 10, 2014

DuraComm Aqualimpia, Bacelona, now owned by Benny Lee, will make a major commercial announcement at a 21 January 2014 press conference at the Barcelona City Hall at 12 noon. 

Benny Lee, an American entrepreneur from Taiwan, and Kansas City business owner of DuraComm Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri, acquired the Spanish direct marketing company Productos Mercedes from the court in a public auction, now named PM DURACOMM AQUALIMPIA, S.L. in Barcelona. Mr. Lee bought this 20-year firm, which had gone into bankruptcy, and immediately hired 42 professional Spanish people to run the company. DuraComm Aqualimpia markets houseware products through local television, radio and newspaper media, and then sends DuraComm people to home-owners who respond to demonstrate the products. Employment is now close to 100 people, and Mr. Lee is planning to expand operations there and make his Barcelona office the European headquarters for an array of DuraComm products, many of which will be exported from Kansas City. Similarly, DuraComm European products will be exported for distribution in the U.S.

DuraComm Corp., USA, was named one of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Top 100 Small Businesses in 2013; and is an investor in World Trade Center Kansas City. 

The Kansas City company achieved 20 percent growth in both revenue and employment the past three years, and specializes in Ac to DC switch mode power supplies, DC to DC power converters, battery management and charging systems, power distribution and an array of complementary accessories. It exports many of its power supply products to customers throughout the world.

The event includes refreshments and gifts for attendees. 

For information and reservations in Barcelona, please telephone 933 90 48 20, or email comunicacio@duracomm.es.

In the USA, contact Benny Lee at 816-304-5404, or email benny@duracomm.com. DuraComm USA Website – www.duracomm.com

Barcelona DuraComm website: www.duracomm.es