Delegation from Denver, U.S.A Meets with Heads of World Trade Center Kunming

Sep 24, 2013

On Sept. 24th, 2013, leaders of Kunming Foreign Affairs Office organized a meeting between a delegation from Denver, U.S.A. and heads of World Trade Center Kunming. The two sides gained some understanding of each other and exchanged thoughts on the cooperation between World Trade Center Kunming and World Trade Center Denver.

Mr. Xu Changming, Deputy Director of Kunming Foreign Affairs Office of Kunming People’s Government
The Minister of Economic Affairs of Denver firstly introduced members of this delegation and extended their gratitude toward Kunming Foreign Affairs Office and staff from World Trade Center Kunming for their hospitable reception. He also said that it was a very pleasant trip to Kunming since Kunming and Denver are sister cities with 27 years of communication and cooperation. The Denver delegation came to Kunming in the hope of getting to know the investment environment of Kunming, introducing investment environment of Denver and looking forward to carrying out more in-depth and extensive cooperation in a variety of fields.
Zou Lijia, chairwoman of the board of World Trade Center Kunming extended her warm welcome to Denver delegation. She said that World Trade Center Kunming is a new World Trade Center so we should learn experiences from World Trade Center Denver. Denver has full-fledged commercial system while Kunming boasts its unique geographical advantage and resources. I am convinced that both of us will fully play our own resource advantages and embrace common development.

Later, Liu Yueming, deputy chairman of the board of World Trade Center of Kunming gave a detailed introduction of World Trade Center of Kunming on its overall picture, supporting facilities and development vision. In the future, World Trade Center Kunming together with Luoshiwan International Trade City and Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center shall form a trinity commercial chain, building a bridge of commercial contacts between governments and realize the interaction on a global platform of commercial and trading