Delegation from Clubcorp Meets with Heads of World Trade Center Kunming

Oct 14, 2013

On Oct. 14th, 2013, Wang Xun, Vice President of World Trade Center Association Asia-Pacific Region, and Mr. Ken Creighton, International Chief Executive Officer of Clubcorp, Jackie Tan, Chief Officer of member of Clubcorp, and Ms. Cai Hui, International Chief Financial Officer of Clubcorp, meet with heads of World Trade Center Kunming again for communication and business cooperation.

The delegation from Clubcorp come to Kunming in the hope of looking forward to undertaking business cooperation in Kunming, getting to know the market of Kunming and obtaining opinions on high-end club from target customers. Therefore, World Trade Center Kunming has invited ten business persons from various fields in Kunming for interview to know their demands on club service. Clubcorp hopes such interview can provide instructive advices on the planning and construction of clubs of World Trade Center Kunming in future, so as to satisfy the demands of target customers as much as possible.