Creating awareness about organ donation

Sep 16, 2019

For the third year in row, WTC Asunción organized a collaborative campaign called “Seamos donantes” or “Let´s be donors” in English, designed to educate about the importance of organ, blood and bone marrow donation.

The actions have included a social media campaign, workshops and illuminating the 4 towers of WTC Asunción in green, the given color to organ donation campaign, red for blood donation awareness and orange for bone marrow donation.

This year´s campaign had a successful day dedicated to blood donation, more than 40 people donated blood and over a hundred more sent emails and congratulations on the actions of the campaign, also asking for another day dedicated to donating blood later on the year.

This campaign collaborators are: Carlos Chytil Fundation, dedicated to creating awareness on bone marrow donation, The National Blood Program, and the National Transplant and Ablation Institute.