China Town Hall - Huge Success

Oct 23, 2015

TAMPA BAY, FL, USA - October 5th - World Trade Center Tampa Bay was honored to be a part of The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations 9th annual CHINA Town Hall Event with Confucius Institute, and University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation. We welcomed Beth Smits, who is working towards her doctorate in International Relations at Johns Hopkins SAIS, to speak at this memorable event. Beth’s research looks at the use of financial market infrastructure as instruments of foreign policy and possible implications in the context of other important developments such as new technologies, extraterritorial regulatory pressures, the internationalization of the Chinese currency and regional integration agendas.

Smits gave an informative talk regarding RMB’s (official currency of the People’s Republic of China) continuous growth as a major player in international currency payment usage. Smits believes that having a strong, stable, peaceful, and comfortable China is great for us economically. RMB can turn into international reserve currency to manage exchange rates and pay off debts. Smits also touched on Tampa Bay’s trade and development opportunities with China, Central America and the Caribbean to develop higher technology and a medical center.

Moderator, and Former Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin further touched on the importance of creating an effective relationship with China and the United States. Mayor Sheldon Day agreed with Rubin and thought that the key to bringing foreign investments into our community is through research, proper infrastructure, and an inclusive environment.

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