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“Chaos to Success”- A Business Workshop

Nov 06, 2018

WTC Navi Mumbai & IMC Chamber of Commerce Navi Mumbai jointly organised an interesting business workshop on the theme “Chaos to Success” on October 16th 2018. Nearly 25 participants representing industry, services sector and academia found the workshop of interest & benefit.
Mr. Deepak Nagar, Co-Founder of Yagna Entrepreneurs Success Services LLP was the chief faculty and conducted the session in an interactive manner.
Mr. Yogesh Mehta, Vice-Chairman IMC Navi Mumbai and Member of WTC Navi Mumbai, welcomed the guests and participants and also mentioned about IMC activities. Mr. Jayant Ghate, WTC Navi Mumbai Advisor, explained the WTC services and highlighted the theme of the workshop. He said that all business organisations undergo three phases: First one of fast growth, Second one of stagnation & plateau and Final one of either downfall or super-growth. “The workshop objective is”, he added, “How to shorten the second phase and enter into third phase of super-growth as early as possible”.
Mr. Deepak Nagar explained the significance of the theme and how business growth can lead to great success. According to him, every businessman should avoid common misconceptions and pitfalls while conducting business operations. He mentioned that the businessmen many times, try to make complexity out of simple things and get entangled into thinking complex solutions. “As a result simple and obvious solutions are missed”.
He added that basically people are good and that businessmen might keep this in mind. They should bank upon their goodness to achieve success from chaos. Mr. Deepak explained the theory of constraints propounded by Israeli scientist, Mr. E. Goldratt who provided many solutions to large global; businesses as well as the SME’s sector.
Mr Deepak also gave a number of case studies and practical work to the participants. Overall, it was indeed an exciting workshop for all the stakeholders.