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CEO WTCA Pays a Visit to WTC Leeuwarden


LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS - Scott Ferguson, CEO of the WTCA, Alex Brown and Toby Monckton (Regional Director Europe) paid a three-day visit to the Netherlands. On February 1st, they were our guests in Leeuwarden.

Their tour started at the premises of WTC Schiphol and continued at WTC Amsterdam. 

They met at the end of the day the Dutch WTC Trade Associates who are associated with the WTC Netherlands Alliance*. Scott Ferguson held a brief speech focussing on the WTC actual and general developments. He also mentioned the importance of offering Trade Services worldwide. The delegation was eager to learn more about the unique collaboration of the WTC's in the Netherlands - the WTC Netherlands Alliance*.

Next on the program was a visit to WTC Twente. A great network event was organized in Twente. During this event their new building was officially opened by Scott Ferguson. He activated the illuminated letters and WTC logo on the roof. 

Then, the WTCA delegation left for WTC Leeuwarden. We really looked forward to welcoming them in our location. The premises where in 2018 the WTC General Assembly will take place. After meeting with our team and a tour through our building we spoke about the concept of WTC Leeuwarden, our WTC Leeuwarden Business Academy and our Trade Services. Of course we provided an update about the preparations for the GA 2018. 

The visit to Leeuwarden ended in the picturesque downtown Leeuwarden where a dinner was held with a small group of stake holders. 

Pictured are the guests from the WTCA, teammembers of the WTC's in The Netherlands, as well as a part of the Trade Associates team.

We are looking forward to meet you all again in April 2018!

To learn more about the WTC Leeuwarden, please click on the source link below.

* The active Dutch WTC's are cooperating in the WTC Netherlands Alliance and work on this base closely together on the Dutch market in total.