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Carlos Jiménez: 17 million Venezuelans are online

Nov 28, 2017


After visiting Panamá and Colombia, the President of Tendencias Digitales, Carlos Jiménez arrived to the Convention Center of the Hesperia WTC Valencia, to present the results of his research on the use of the Internet in Venezuela.

E-commerce and business was the main focus of the Digital Tendencies forum, held on November 15th. "Of every 100 Venezuelans there are 55 who currently use the Internet, that is to say, a population of 17 million people", this is how Carlos Jiménez began his speech in the afternoon, where he also spoke about the evolution of Internet in Latin America, the growth of the mobile, and how email continues to be a very important means for managing ecommerce, among other issues.

The attendants had the chance to hear experts like the economist AarĂłn Olmos, Karla MendĂ­a, partner director of Epic Content and Mariadela Larrazabal, executive president of Daycohost and their perspectives on the future of tech and business.