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Canada Invests in Clean Technology Solutions

Feb 01, 2021

The Government of Canada recently invested $750 million towards the re-capitalization of the Sustainable Development Technology Canada fund, which will enable more SMEs to develop and commercialize clean technologies.

This is the single largest investment in SDTC ever made by the Government of Canada, and greater emphasis will be placed on funding projects offering solutions for decarbonization of industrial sectors.

To support Canadian SMEs in taking their innovations to new markets, WTC-T facilitated a Virtual Cleantech Trade Mission to Mexico from January 25 to 29, featuring virtual workshops with best-in-class subject matter experts, buyers and go-to-market partners facilitating tangible commercial opportunities within water management, energy efficiency and waste solutions. Environmental technologies in Mexico are expected to experience a steady growth over the next years with forecasted investments of over 123.4 billion dollars to achieve energy generation objectives and clean technologies by 2030.