Bridges from all over the World in São Paulo.

Sep 25, 2015

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL - On November 24th the WTC São Paulo will host the photographic exhibition “The Bridges” at the D&D Shopping. The highlight is on the bridges of cities where World Trade Centers are located.

The initiative emerged from the symbolism that our CEO, Luciano Menezes, tries to represent throughout his perspectives of the capabilities of the WTC and its brand.

Historical, emblematic, simple, modern, long and curious. Those are all forms of bridges with one and only purpose; connect two point with a single objective. With the power of ‘connecting' represented by the bridges, our exhibition focuses on the possibilities that the WTCs around the world offer to people and their ability to link businesses around the world.

WTC São Paulo will host a 30 day exhibition at its Shopping Center D&D and also at the official hotsite (under construction). A project involving a book and the possibilitiy of promoting the same exhibition on other WTCs around the world is also a very plausible idea.

We reinforce the request to send the images as soon as possible to the email (, and we look forward for the exhibition.

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