"behind the skin" Photographic Exhibition

Mar 23, 2020

Within our efforts to visualize positive examples for women, WTC Asunción invited award wining photographer Andrea Ferreira to showcase the portraits taken to more than 30 women from all around Paraguay.

Behind the Skin is a photographic essay, by Paraguayan photographer Andrea Ferreira, in which every photograph tells the brief history of each one of the portrayed women. Everyone of them, with their own differences, endured fighting against the stereotypes that society have about women.

By revealing these stories it is possible to see and understand that what makes us different it's exactly what makes us authentic. The essay turned into a book was the winning project of the international photo book contest "El Ojo Salvaje 2019", a very important award in Latin America.

The photographic exhibition is available from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. until March 30 Access is free. The inauguration was held on March 8th, celebrating International's Women's Day.