Bahrain Travel Delegation - A Huge Success

Apr 08, 2022

Bahrain – a wealth of opportunity and the gateway to the Middle East, Africa and beyond.
Having just returned with the delegation from a 5-day Cross Border Business Development visit from Palm Beach to the Kingdom of Bahrain, I unequivocally declare the 'experiment' a success!!!  
It has taken a few days to refresh from the journey and to catch up on daily business matters that were put on hold for the time.  With that done, I have begun follow up steps for the delegation and its successes.
First, I cannot thank the WTC Palm Beach team and our friends in the business and governmental communities of Bahrain enough for all they did in making this a very productive trip.  A special thank you to Rose Sager, the Trade Representative from the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United States, for all that she has done. Coordinating the activities for the delegation in Bahrain with its numerous agencies providing overviews and insights into the business, education, and governmental offerings of Bahrain took a significant effort.
Of particular note was the reception jointly coordinated by Amcham, the Bahrain India Society and the Bahrain Businesswomen's Society. Their welcoming reception was simply over the top.  With some 70 attendees, the success of the delegation was all but guaranteed.
Of the dozen or so companies represented by WTC Palm Beach's traveling delegates, three immediate results are being reported with others in the pipeline. Deals that are advancing involve the procurement of food (meat) products, supplying industrial pumps for use in oil drilling facilities and an internship cooperation agreement for higher education students to and from Bahrain.   
I also can report contact from a Bahrain based business looking to establish a presence in the U. S. and wanting to discuss the immigration and tax issues involved with my law office's team of legal providers. There are also on-going conversations within the group about establishing a Bahrain entity to further the opportunities uncovered on the trip.  
Overall, the trip was a success... and more will follow!
Below is a day to day recap with comments covering the 'experiment' and the overviews provided by the private and public agencies visited.  Photos accompany this effort.  I will be sharing this recap with the entire audience both in Palm Beach and in Bahrain.  
A personal note of thanks will be sent to all the attendees for their time and courtesies and suggesting a reciprocal delegation to travel from Bahrain to Palm Beach over the summer.  
A visit designed to include meetings with business and tourism officials; members of the local and state governments and even the possibility of the Governor's  participation.  A visit to allow Palm Beach County to demonstrate why it should be Bahrain's portal for business and commerce into the state of Florida, the United States and Canada, specifically, and the Western Hemisphere, generally.
In closing, please enjoy the materials below and be on the look-out for next step announcements advancing the positive results realized to date.
Alfred Zucaro
President and Founder
WTC Palm Beach