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Andijan - A Gateway for India to CIS Countries

May 25, 2018


World Trade Centre Mumbai organised an interactive meeting with Mr. Azamjon Mansurov, Second Secretary, Embassy of Uzbekistan to India along with a 15-member high-level delegation of business and government officials from Andijan region in Uzbekistan, representing pharmaceutical, chemicals, medical equipments, textile and tourism sectors. Mr. Mansurov said, “Trade, investment and cultural industries are the key focus areas of Uzbekistan-India relationship. The large industrial region of Andijan is a potential gateway for Indian companies to CIS region. We will set up Uzbekistan-India pharmaceutical zone in this region”.

Mr. Mansurov said, “Uzbekistan produces approximately 3 lakh cars, 3,000 food products, 20 mobiles and smartphones, 2300 drugs and pharmaceutical products, household appliances, chemical products, leather goods, agricultural machineries, etc. The country has progressed from being a cotton exporter to manufactured products, constituting 80% of total shipments”.

Mr. Vijay Kalantri, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Vice Chairman, MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai remarked, “Uzbekistan and India must collaborate in pharmaceuticals, tourism and textile and tourism sectors. Indian companies can take advantage of the Free Economic Zones in Uzbekistan by setting up manufacturing plants and exporting products to CIS countries.” Mr. Kalantri emphasised on launching direct flight connectivity from Mumbai to Uzbekistan.

Mr. Ibragimov Yusufbek, Deputy of Mayor, Andijan City Government said, “The year 2018 has been declared as the year of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Uzbekistan. We offer preferential treatment and tax benefits to investors from India”.
Mr. Abdullaev Elyorbek, Deputy of Governor, Government of Izboskan district said, “We invite Indian companies to invest in Andijan region, which is endowed with significant natural resources. Indian companies must produce value-added goods and export them to neighbouring countries”.

Mr. Ismoilov Sardorbek, Specialist, Investment Department of Government of Andijan said, “Andijan accounts for 10% of the population of Uzbekistan ensuring a huge consumer market for companies. Andijan economy grew 159% between 2012 and 2017. Andijan contributes 7% to industrial production of Uzbekistan. Four Indian companies have commercial presence in Andijan through joint venture.” Mr. Sardorbek explained the tax incentives and other preferential treatment given to foreign investors.

Top Photo - From (L-R): Ms. Rupa Naik, Mr. Azamjon Mansurov, Mr. Vijay Kalantri, Mr. Abdullaev Elyorbek, Mr. Y. R. Warerkar, Mr. Ibragimov Yusufbek and Mr. Ismoilov Sardorbek.

Below Photo - Mr. Ibragimov Yusufbek (right) being felicitated by Mr. Vijay Kalantri (left). Also seen is Mr. Abdullaev Elyorbek (Middle).