Africa-USA NOW Podcast Series

Jun 09, 2023

Africa-USA NOW Podcast Series: Artificial Intelligence in Africa

Current Events at the intersection of Africa and the U.S.

AI and other new automation developments will likely be the 4th industrial revolution and change the world, as important as computers are today. AI will have profound implications for Africa: from solving age-old problems such as lack of physical ID cards, to new ones, such as logistic optimization with the passage of the AfCFTA. If the continent plays its cards right, early adoption of these technologies could change the game economically for the continent and make it a leader in the next industrial revolution. But with every opportunity comes risk. AI is only as good as its programmers, and many times it’s developed without African programmers having any input, leading to racial biases and serious consequences. How will Africa strategize its next move in the sector and capitalize on the next technological wave?