Africa-USA NOW Podcast Series

Mar 10, 2023

Africa-USA NOW Podcast Series: Feeding the Continent, Feeding the World

Current Events at the intersection of Africa and the U.S.

60% of the world’s arable land is in Africa. The continent could be the breadbasket of the world, but that’s not what we see today. Africa countries import a significant portion of their food, which means their food supply chains are particularly vulnerable to global shocks. For example, the Russian-Ukraine war is causing food shortages and price increases across the continent. Securing African food supply chains is going to be a difficult, but critical issue going forward. At the recent African Food Summit in Darkar, governments reaffirmed their commitments to food security and working with the private sector to increase food production, particually food staples like rice and cassava. This week, Africa-USA Now has three guest leading the charge on African agricultural. Atsuko Toda, Director of Agricultural Finance and Rural Infrastructure Development at the African Development Bank, Mansur Ahmed, Group Executive Director at Dangote Group, and Joco Beyers, Managing Director for John Deere for Africa and the Middle East. Tune in to this week’s episode: Feeding the Continent, Feeding the World.