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A Great Welcome: A Letter from Kyiv

Feb 01, 2021

WTC Kyiv is one of the newest members of the WTCA network, and this is our first appearance in this news feed.

We are still very much a start-up. When the WTCA awarded our license at the end of November, our team kicked into high gear. Things are chaotic, energetic, optimistic, and a great adventure, and the main reason is that our ambition is big—huge.

Our goal is to reignite the economy of Ukraine.

Ukraine, I believe, represents the largest untapped economic opportunity in Europe, and possibly, the planet.

  • Located in Europe with easy access to Asia and the Middle East, and with strong ties to the U.S. and Canada.
  • A wealth of natural resources, from Europe’s largest productive agricultural area to mineral resources that include every element of the Mendeleev table.
  • All the elements of a logistics hub—seaports, river ports, and 70+ airports, 23,000 kilometers of rail, and one of the fastest and cheapest internet infrastructures in the world.
  • A wealth of untapped intellectual property and a large, highly educated population.
So what is it that has impeded Ukraine’s economy? Lack of trust. The country’s international reputation, as well as broad ignorance about Ukraine, has kept investors and global companies from considering it.

For Henry Shterenberg, our president, making WTC Kyiv a reality has been a long, hard-fought journey. It was his key intuition that the trusted name “World Trade Center”, the “social proof” of its reputation, the value of its huge network—that this was the lever that could remove the trust barriers and unleash Ukraine’s economic potential.

Guess what? He was right.

At the beginning of January, we sent out a New Year’s message to all the WTCs around the world, introducing Henry and WTC Kyiv. The response has been heart-stopping. From Florida to Kabul, from Barcelona to Manila, WTC Kyiv is making connections, forming relationships, and already discussing deals and cooperation.

So . . . our first announcement in the WTCA Newsletter is: Thank you for the great welcome! And the country may not know it yet, but Ukraine thanks you too.

Peter Atwood, Chief Communications Officer
World Trade Center Kyiv