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Apr 10, 2019

March 2019 marked the 4th consecutive year of this successful event, that gathers executives and CEOs of companies from all Paraguay. With an average of 80 participants per edition, this year’s WTC Asunción Business Breakfast calendar has 8 spectacular speakers from all over the world. 

A full auditorium welcomed lawyer, scholar and journalist, Felipe Iglesias. The subject of his keynote was “The legal aspect of the electronic media of your company.” The interaction with the audience is key on these events, putting together an atmosphere where networking and keeping an open mind to new ideas are the most remarkable aspects.

WTC Asunción Business Breakfasts started in 2016, bringing ideas from all over the world to our WTC executives and companies, the event quickly started to open to all the Paraguayan business and companies. WTC Asunción members have preferential registration. 

This event is co-produced by Teraré Paraguay, and is held at the New York Auditorium at WTC Asunción Services floor, tower 2 - 10th floor.