4th edition of WTC Day Valencia

Jun 16, 2022

The fourth edition of WTC Day Valencia is the first hybrid experience that integrated virtual and face-to-face conferences, an exhibition hall and a business roundtable to facilitate new and better connections between private sector leaders. WTC Day is a global initiative that commemorates the spirit of business development inspired by WTCs around the world. The conference cycle began with the ¨WTC Latam Session¨, with the participation of Carlos Ronderos, Regional Director for LATAM; Eugenio Reyes, Director of WTC Monterrey; Jorge Acevedo, President of WTC Nuevo Laredo, Guanajuato and Austin; Sofia Rovira, President of WTC San Pedro de Sula and Ignacio Del, Director of WTC Montevideo Free Zone, under the leadership of Subdelia Sevilla, Director of WTC Valencia. Afterwards, the economist Asdrubal Oliveros took stock of the Venezuelan Socio-Economic Context and presented recommendations for businessmen and entrepreneurs to continue betting on the country. The panel was opened to ¨The New Entrepreneurial Voices¨, an activity that was moderated by Alberto Afiuni, Country Managing Partner of EY Venezuela. Included the participation of Gianfranco Di Girolamo, CEO of Soutec Latam; Andres Simon González, Executive President and Co-Founder of Asistensi and Venemergencia; Juan Pocaterra, Co-Founder and CEO of ViKua, La Wawa and Young Global Leader WEF; Juan Moya, Director of the Center of Studies for Entrepreneurship Training and Alexandra Altadonna, CEO of Super Pega. After the conference, the business roundtable was held to promote networking between the entrepreneurs, an activity that was accompanied by the methodology of IESA (Institute for Advanced Management Studies).The event ended with the presentation of awards to the members of the WTC Valencia club during the period of July 2021 - May 2022