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Aug 24, 2018

On August 8th took place in Hangzhou the fourth edition of the “2018 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition” for Overseas Talents, to meet the demand for the rapid economic development in China and attract global high-tech innovative talents and entrepreneurial projects.

Different prizes (in form of grants) have been assigned. There was one first-place prize, awarded with RMB 200,000 (around USD$30K); three second-place prizes awarded with RMB 100,000 (around USD $15K); and five third-place prizes, awarded with RMB 50,000 (around USD $7,500).

A venture capital fund of about 100 million US dollars has been established specifically for the competition to fund the projects in the competition.

The organizer settled also various matchmaking meetings for the invited applicants with industry zones or parks, local venture capital agencies, well-known enterprises, product localization teams, marketing teams, Hangzhou to find out the best-fit office location with the best financial and policy supports.

Mrs. Cristina Sbaizero, CEO of WTC Trieste, attended the competition as Member of the Jury in charge of evaluating the projects and selecting the winners.

That was a great opportunity not only to discover the cross-section of innovation and investment environment in China, but also to evaluate how companies abroad could access to this foreign market via the Belt Road initiatives.