1st year impact report of WTC Binh Duong New City

Sep 24, 2020

"As proud members of World Trade Center Binh Duong New City, we would like to announce we’ve cleared a big milestone in the history of our organization. On September 24th, 2020, WTC Binh Duong New City has remarked the 1st year of anniversary. We would like to take this occasion to thank each and everyone of you for being an earnest part of the WTC Binh Duong New City.
What began as our development plan for Binh Duong Province as the new destination for an emerging international trade hub in the Southern Key Economic Zone of Vietnam has made us join the World Trade Center Association, which has granted us a license to operate under the renowned WTC brand.
We are grateful to the Chairman, Board of Directors, and our colleagues at Becamex IDC, who believed and trusted us to develop and provide services to the market.
In addition, with the hard work and enthusiasm of our excellent team has the WTC Binh Duong New City been able to overcome the first year with many challenges. Everyone of you plays an important role in the WTC team. We also would like to send our sincere appreciation to our clients, partners and supporters who have trusted in us to develop excellent products and services. We believe that your request, demands and feedback have pushed us to go a long way and improve our business to make it as great as it is today.

Our journey has just gotten started, so we would like to become the trusted partners with you and strongly believe that with your support, we can explore new opportunities in the future together.
Thank you very much.
Sincerely yours,"
Ms. Huynh Dinh Thai Linh,
Executive Director of World Trade Center Binh Duong New City