WTC Warsaw participated in Horasis global event

Dec 18, 2018


The prestigious swiss based Horasis organization ( which organizes high level global economic forums, was inviting the Chairman of WTC Warsaw Jacques Tourel to be one of the guests speakers in the recent global summits in Kiev Ukraine and in Binh Duong Vietnam.

Mr Tourel was speaking about the railroad new silk road the railroad transportation connecting China to Europe, which has the major EU terminal in Poland and from there it is moved by trains to all countries on Europe.

This relatively new rail line is working now in full capacity shortening the shipping time from europe to china from 35 days to 11 days. It is considered a great success.

Mr Tourel was lobbying to reduce the cost of transport by this new train line, which have received recently subsidies from China side get a cost on similar price level comparable to the cost of containers by sea. This move has resulted in sharp increase in the traffic and number of containers.