The new consumer with Datanálisis

Jul 18, 2019


The new consumer: How to make business viable? The forum was held at the Convention Center of the Hesperia WTC Valencia, a sold out event on June 27; according to the celebration of the 34th anniversary of Datanálisis.

With the participation of Luis Vicente León, Elizabeth Martin and Francisco Allen, the conference was held, which began with the presentation "Tactics of the consumer to overcome the crisis", to later analyze the socio-economic context by exposing numerical results, profiles by social strata and consumption preferences.

The event finalized with the presentation of León, who guided the participants on the "Challenges and strategies" of companies to adapt and cope with the crisis, new investment opportunities, the emergence of companies, among other issues. "The goal is to surf today to take advantage of the future.”

The event was sponsored by the organizations CLX Samsung, RE / MAX Caproinco, Quimicolor, Aguaplus, Stephany, Turpial Airlines, Agua Cielo and the participation of the Allies Notitarde, El Nacional, Union Radio and Ethos Productions.