En Contexto, the must have of the entrepreneurs

Nov 28, 2018

At a sold out venue, it was developed the sixth edition of En Contexto, an event devoted to the political, economic, and international analysis of Venezuela, at the spaces of the WTC Valencia Convention Center on the last November 15th. In this edition, and as it has been customary, the president of Datanalisis, Luis Vicente Le贸n was on stage, accompanied by Benigno Alarc贸n, director of the Politics Studies Center from the Andres Bello Catholic University, and the author and poet Willy McKey, who in this occasion moderated the event and connected the audience with his valuable analysis. The lecturers coincided in an absolute call on the citizen participation, in which Le贸n, Alarc贸n, and Mckey exhorted the audience to become part of the solutions and not of the problems that plague our country.