WTC Twente Boosts New Business Through IBF Event

Nov 28, 2016

TWENTE, NETHERLANDS - On October 27, 2016, the annual International Business Forum was hosted in the new World Trade Center Twente building. This WTC Twente event gives companies the opportunity to have 1-to-1 matchmaking conversations of fifteen minutes with 21 embassies from all over the world. This year the embassies of Argentina, Botswana, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia, Namibia, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Uganda, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zimbabwe were present to give answers to the questions of the companies who subscribed for the event. Besides the matchmaking, companies also had the chance to acquire individual advice from the companies Nysingh, Rabobank and Ionmoon on topics such as International internet-marketing, International contracting, trade-risks, and intellectual property.

This event is organised to let companies find new business. Companies speak with embassies in order to acquire information on a country which might become an interesting export opportunity for them. This event can be used as a starting point for exporting activities as a link, in the form of the exchange of contacts. An example for instance: A participant of last year’s IBF has made an investment in one of the participating countries, which all started with the matchmaking conversation they had last year provided through IBF by World Trade Center Twente. This was also the reason for them to subscribe for this year’s event as some other embassies were present.

To learn more about the International Business Forum, please click on the source link below.