Support by WTC Chennai for WTC Twente clubmember

Sep 17, 2018

“We4Ce is active in the field of wind energy and focuses mainly on the design office on rotor blade design, and technology transfers from greenfield to turnkey solutions. India is a fast growing country with its poulation needing more electricity to serve their needs. Due to this growing demand, green energy (in particular, wind energy) will play an important role in solving India’s problem.

Wind energy is a rather new industry that will enable to generate many new jobs in India. It is crucial to understand that the technological level in India will advance thanks to the foreign technology. The experts at We4Ce have more than 20 years of experience in wind energy worldwide and will be able to support the Indian market. We4Ce participated in the WTCA International Trade Day in Leeuwarden and thanks to the World Trade Center Twente, We4Ce was introduced to and able to network with several World Trade Centers in India.

We4Ce first conducted a market research on the Indian market. The World Trade Center Chennai analysed this market research and finetuned this report to a level where a visit could be made. The World Trade Center played an active role to check the interests of the Indian industry, to set up a clear program for B2B meetings and arrange visits to the interested companies.

We4Ce discovered that the World Trade Center in India functioned as a perfect host during the visiting period and worked as a fine interpreter. The company had previous experiences of the World Trade Center services in Turkey. In the We4Ce case, not only companies in the wind energy where visited but also the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE – see picture) next to the confederation of Indian Industry and even the Dutch Embassy. The World Trade Center performed as the intermediary between companies and associations, it worked out perfectly.

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