• WORKING BREAKFAST AT WTCA 2015 GA - MANILA, PHILIPPINES - On Monday April 27, 2015 during the WTCA GA, WTC Trieste invited some WTCs from Far East and Latin America countries to join for a working breakfast meeting. The main aim of this important business appointment was to increase attraction of goods to Europ... more

  • MOU BETWEEN WTC TRIESTE AND WTC ISTANBUL - On Monday April 27, 2015 at 12:30pm during WTCA 2015 GA in Manila a MoU will be signed between WTC Trieste and WTC Istanbul. The main purpose of this important agreement is to define a relationship by indicating the mutual line of action and working together to launch a collab... more

  • WTC TRIESTE AT WTCA 2015 GA MANILA - A WTC Trieste delegation will participate in the WTCA GA in Manila from April 26, 2015 to April 29, 2015. The WTCA GA is the most important event on WTCs calendar and it will be a great opportunity to build and enhance strong relationships as well as to meeting international b... more

  • WTC TRIESTE & WORLD SUPERYACHT AWARD - Trieste. The Judge Meeting for the World Superyacht Award this years was held on March 27th in Trieste. Local and international institutions and companies came together to bring this important event in Trieste. WTC Trieste was fundamental player and plans to continue to attrac... more

  • BELLA HEULE PAYS VISIT TO WTC TRIESTE - TRIESTE, ITALY - After exhibiting at MIPIM in Cannes, Bella Heule paid a visit to WTC Trieste to evaluate and monitor the project plan for future development and to visit the real estate and maritime facilities in the port area of Trieste. Ms. Heule received a symbolic medall... more

  • WTC TRIESTE LAUNCHES ACTIVITY AT WTCA - TRIESTE, ITALY - A delegation from WTC Trieste, together with the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, visited the WTCA offices in New York City on March 6, 2015 to sign and render official the relaunching of WTC Trieste. Thanks to the MOU between the Chamber of C... more