WTC Trieste to attend the WTCA Member Seminar

Sep 24, 2015


NEW YORK, NY, USA - The WTCA Member Seminar that will take place from the 18th to 20th October is the best opportunity for all fresh new members and well established WTCs to experience the vibrant spirit of the association.

Key words of this event are education and networking. As education is concerned, a training program is essential to understand the international WTC tools which foster trade development.

This leads to the network. Those occurrences are real demonstration that committed people can serve as invisible threads throughout the whole world. They operate for different purposes and, at the same time, they are linked by one single trademark.

The program includes new WTCA initiatives and plenaries, exchange of ideas concerning various topics, related to best practices in running a successful World Trade Center.

Among more than one hundred participating delegates, the WTC Trieste has been chosen to intervene on stage. The theme we will address during the innovation exchange session is “commission sharing agreement”.

WTCA proposes different opportunities for interaction too, recalling the aim to let members from different WTCs and Countries communicate and socialize with one another.

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