WTC Trieste Meets WTC Indianapolis

Jun 27, 2017


TRIESTE, ITALY - On Thursday, June 8th 2017 the WTC Indianapolis President, Doris Anne Sander, visited the WTC Trieste to meet the Directors & staff members. Purpose of the visit was exchanging reciprocal WTC business experiences. 

It was a very productive meeting, which allowed WTC Indianapolis to have some insights on the activities of WTC Trieste, to know the services offered and to have the opportunity to see the demo of the new e-commerce platforms which WTC Trieste is offering free of charge to all the WTCs of the Network as tools to increase revenues generation.

Thanks to this meeting, it was possible to come out with possible future synergies between the WTC Indianapolis and WTC Trieste.

We acquired relevant information referred to the area of interest of WTC Indianapolis, therefore we have focused on future activities to support reciprocal Members business developments.