Aug 26, 2016


TRIESTE, ITALY - Located in the heart of Europe, at the intersection between shipping routes and the Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean TEN-T core network corridors, the Port of Trieste is an international hub for overland and sea trade with the dynamic market of Central and Eastern Europe.

The intensification of trade and maritime traffic between the Far East and Europe and the eastward enlargement of the European Union have revived the importance of the Upper Adriatic, opening up new growth and development opportunities for Trieste.

On July 28th 2016, the national government has approved a legislative decree of reorganization, rationalization and simplification of the Port Authorities. Most importantly, the Customs Agency will become a sort of inner section of the Port Authority, assuming also all the other administrative responsibilities.

Equally important is the simplification of the governing body: from the 57 Ports of national interest, there are now 15 Port Authorities post reform.

Autorità di Sistema di Mare Adriatico Orientale unites the port of Trieste with the port of Monfalcone.

This union allows enterprises and the Italian Ports to become the driving force of economic development. It is therefore a reform that wants the sea to create jobs and economic development in a strongly competitive system.

Locally, the reduction of the Port Authorities, the integration with the logistic systems and the rationalization of their governance with the new roles attributed to the Customs Agency is perceived as an authentic and virtuous revolution.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region has always considered that the Port of Monfalcone and the one of Trieste should be included in the Autorità di Sistema, locally ensuring adequate jobs and representatives. A unique port authority will be created from this reform which will be economically relevant at both a regional and national level.

WTC Trieste encourages all WTCs and their Members to take advantage to the new scenario and to the benefits of the Customs Free Port.

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